Description of early stimulation

Early intervention is a group of techniques for developing the skills and abilities of children in early childhood. It is a group of special educational techniques used in children from birth until eight years of life to correct real problems, potential development, or to stimulate compensatory abilities. Interventions contemplate the whole child and develop programs taking into account both the individual and the family and social environment that surround it.




We are a Specialized Center in early stimulation for children from 0 months to 8 years. Through directed and coordinated activities we make easy the learning process of children and we encourage them in a creative way. Children come to develop better their own capabilities, and most importantly, enjoying and strengthening bonds between parents and children. It is also a place where parents can socialize with each other and share experiences and concerns.

We speak English, Chinese and we love the Cervantes’s language. All our activities are conducted in Spanish.




We want to be a referral center in Shanghai for Spanish speaking parents who want to direct the upbringing of their children in a creative and different way. Besides we also want to create lasting relationships between families using as a guide the Spanish language.



  • We see the child as a whole being, with his own needs.
  • Respect and tolerance in a multicultural environment.
  • Encourage socialization and participation, being flexible to the demands of families.
  • Our spaces are safe and we have quality materials.
  • We encourage that all activities are resolved creatively