Spanish Intensive Course: 8 – 12 years old.

Language and Cultural immersion for


In this course your child will be introduced to the Spanish language in a fun and engaging way to learn everyday vocabulary and develop a very good accent. We will be talking about Latino culture, which will open the children’s minds and widen their thinking skills. Writing, Reading, Singing, Arts&Crafts,…Children will leave the class with a very positive attitude towards the learning of the Spanish language and culture, will be singing songs and speaking Spanish words and they will ask you for more!


In this course the children will use the knowledge they already have to practice every day situations, continue to build and expand their vocabulary to express simple ideas to the teacher and classmates in a fun and engaging way. The teacher will combine various activities that will allow the children to practice Spanish in situations that arise in everyday life so they can take their knowledge from class to the real world.

July 6 to August 21. Monday to Friday. 10,00am-12,00 noon

Spanish Intensive Courses

Spanish Intensive Course this Summer in Shanghai

Language and Cultural immersion

Spanish and English. 


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