Early stimulation


Early intervention is a group of techniques for developing the skills and abilities of children in from birth until 8 years. It does not pretend to accelerate any development process, to optimize the abilities of the child. A program of Early stimulation offers to parents guidelines that enable them to help their children in their development.




Speaking two or more languages ​​has profound beneficial effects on the brain and development of intelligence. And this is especially important at early ages. In fact, learning a new language becomes a fundamental part in a program of early stimulation.


Multiple Intelligences

Explore the capabilities, strengths, and intelligence in each child, allowing them to learn better and in a more effective manner; because they feel that their training fits their needs, preferences and tastes.


Imagination is one of the great treasures of childhood. Babies have a natural curiosity about the world around them. In fact, if anything characterizes them, IT is that overflowing understanding as creative experimentation, imagination and ability to provide solutions to new situations in different ways.


Prenatal stimulation is a process that promotes learning in babies even in the womb, optimizing mental and sensory development. The way parents interact with babies before birth has an impact on the subsequent development of the child. Communicate with your baby in a stable and loving environment is what every child needs to learn and grow. And this is the ultimate goal of prenatal techniques stimulation.

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Our activities in Spanish

>Considering that we are in a multicultural environment in which our children learn and communicate in Chinese and English, in CuCuGua we want to encourage the use of Spanish. Native teachers direct all our activities.
>One of our goals is to see a real evolution in the use of the Spanish language, particularly in reading, comprehension and writing for children over 4 years old.




We are mothers

Yes, we are mothers and we understand the concerns and needs of other moms. We talk from women to women. Another goal is to create a stable and self-help support group between families with similar needs to help solve similar issues shared by them.

We don’t learn because we are intelligent, we become intelligent because we learn while learning


Experts in educating emotions

We have a quality program adjusted to the needs and age of the child at every stage of their development. We encourage relationships between children with a common culture and language, although with their different nuances and enriching.



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Summer 2020.
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July and August at Jing An

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We are a Specialized Center in early stimulation for children from 0 months to 8 years. Through directed and coordinated activities we make easy the learning process of children and we encourage them in a creative way. Children come to develop better their own capabilities, and most importantly, enjoying and strengthening bonds between parents and children. It is also a place where parents can socialize with each other and share experiences and concerns.

We speak English, Chinese and we love the Cervantes’s language. All our activities are conducted in Spanish.

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